Every Parents Fear

Posted on January 15, 2012
Following a session the other day, I check my cell to see a voicemail from my son.  What I thought would be a routine message about day to day life, I heard: “Dad, I’ve been in an accident.” A phrase that no parent of a teen wants to hear. The next sentence however, calmed my fears as he said that everyone was ok.
He asked for me to come, but the message had come in four hours earlier.  By the time I could call him back,  he was on his way home with the tow driver.  In addition to managing the accident and talking with the police (the other driver was ticketed), he learned from the driver that we should take off all the post factory items we had installed as
it was no doubt totaled. Something, I had never heard of or would have thought of.
The attached video shows our salvage operation of our faithful Jimmy.  At 176K miles, that was one tough truck which had taken us over almost every pass in Colorado.  Needless to say, we have a lot of memories tied up in that vehicle as it’s been around since Alex was about 3.  I always figured it would meet its end on the top of some remote 4-wheel drive road going over a pass.  Instead, it came to its end on South Colorado Blvd. in the heart of the city.
It was a learning experience for Alex and a fun morning of taking the tools to the
truck.  We got a good settlement and will now have to find a new vehicle for adventures to come.  Does anyone have a Jeep for sale?

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