A Fly Fishing Adventure!

Posted on June 18, 2011

While my father liked the idea of fly fishing, he never really had the patience or fine motor skills to become a proficient fly fisherman.  Subsequently, I learned mostly on my own.  Though I’m decent at it, I’ve never known the techniques or secrets to becoming a great fly fisherman, let alone, know how to teach them to my son. 

 That all changed this past fall when we hired a guide, Steve Brown, for the first time.  While not inexpensive, it was well worth the money and taught both of us some lessons which we have continued to apply.  In addition, the excitement of seeing my son catch the Colorado trifecta (Rainbow, Cut Throat and Brooke), as well as, share in the fun of male jocularity with Steve and his many great stories of life and fishing was a great bonding experience for us. 

 We hope you enjoy this clip of fishing off Lizard Head Pass just outside of Telluride, Colorado.  We never did catch a Brown trout but caught a whole lot of fun and excitement.  As for Steve, guess who got him into the love of fly fishing?  His dad of course!

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