A Snow Shelter Adventure

Posted on May 22, 2011

For years, Alex and I have watched a variety of survival shows demonstrating how to make and sleep under your own shelter.  This winter, we decided to try it out for ourselves and see if we could get a warm and comfy night’s sleep like the men in the shows.

We tried out a couple of different styles, of which mine, got the most laughs.  Fortunately, we had a test of snow late in the afternoon that demonstrated how inadequate my shelter was for snow protection.  We both took extra time to bulk them up knowing that 4 – 6 inches was predicted for the night.

Even with the extra cover, it’s amazing how snow can trickle down.  Most importantly, you don’t dare touch the roof above your head and stimulate a cascade of snow down upon you.  Even with tight quarters, we both had a good night’s sleep and a whole lot of laughs.  Watching Alex encased in his sleeping bag, sliding out of his hut when trying to change some clothes is a great memory, as is, our dog Utah laying down in his shelter as if she was the happiest dog on the planet.

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