Family Fitness with Laird Hamilton

Posted on June 17, 2012

Surfer Laird Hamilton wrote a piece in the July issue of Men’s Journal titled Radical Fitness. While you might think it’s an article about the latest trend in working out which only elite athletes are even remotely capable of, the picture of him in a plank position with his two young daughters riding on top of him lets you know instantly where the story is headed.


In a section titled The Family Way, Laird talks about how his most exhausting and fun workouts are with his kids.  Jumping on the trampoline, shooting hoops, wrestling and pool time leave him and his girls happy, fit and ready for a good night’s sleep.  When he’s looking for extra conditioning, he does push-ups with 70 lbs of girls giggling on his back.


So, next time you are thinking of plunking down money for a gym membership, maybe look at the interactive training systems right in your own home.  If your kids aren’t up for fun, look for your four legged friend as a training partner.  Check out our story, Puppy Workouts, for a suggestion!

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