Helping Your Kids Cope with Loss

Posted on June 12, 2012

When it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one, a teens grieving process can be long and complicated, but the non-profit educational organization Outward Bound’s local Rocky Mountain School has found a way to change this. Heroic Journey is a unique program designed to help grieving teens cope with the loss of a loved one. A strong base curriculum perfected by Outward Bound is combined with powerful grief work activities and the stunning beauty of nature to create a transformational adventure. Outward Bound Heroic Journey provides these often struggling teens with the opportunity to discover their inner strength to face and overcome challenges that they have, and will face. Heroic Journey offers adventures such as week-long Colorado backpacking trips, multi-day sailing excursions, and Eastern-United States canoe floats. The rugged expeditions require participants to find their hidden strength and leave them with a new-found confidence that will last the rest of their lives. Thanks to the New York Life Foundation, all participants will receive tuition scholarships based on need. To learn more about this program and Outward Bound’s mission view a brochure, here, or visit their website at

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