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Posted on February 3, 2012

Here’s another entry for our Winter Contest.  You will have to get started pretty early if
you are going o beat Phil and the camping adventure he took with his 5 month
old daughter!  Thanks Phil and many happy adventures.

Hey Craig,

Just came across you site via you following me on Twitter.  Fantastic site!

Well my family adventure this winter was taking my 5 month old daughter on her
first winter camping excursion; we had booked a yurt on Mew Lake in Algonquin
Provincial Park.  The weather was pretty lousy as it was raining and
unfortunately we had the yurt rented 5 months in advance, but we were going to
make the best of it.  We did manage to get a small hike in and then just
enjoyed the noise of the rain on the yurt.  She was having a blast in the
sleeping bag as it appeared to be a new sensation for her and all she was doing
was kicking it off and waiting for us to put the sleeping bag back on her so
she can kick it off. A great introduction and many more adventures with the
little one in the future.

Phil C.



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