Spring Hut Adventures

Posted on May 17, 2011

When I first took Alex to the Grass Creek hut, in the Colorado State Forest, he was just 16 months old.  He looked pretty snug in his car seat that fit perfectly into our backcountry sled.

This past spring, we had a chance to go back to that same hut and remember many of the adventures we’ve had over the years.  From his first snowshoeing, to starting fires, to chopping wood, our memories are chronicled in my journal, as well as, in the notebooks at the hut that are kept for visitors to write and draw.  At 17, he’s now doing the muscle work and embracing the adventure as a young man.

This year’s hut trip served as a base for our second adventure of the weekend, which was to sleep out in our own shelters.  Snowshoeing helped us navigate the spring snow where one missed step could send you down 3 – 4 feet.  The simple solution to spring conditions is to figure out where other travelers have gone before you and then follow their footsteps.  You can also go early in the morning after thenighttime temperatures have frozen the snow’s surface.  While we love the warmth and sun of spring, it can make for difficult snow travel.

We hope you enjoy,

Alex and Craig (AKA: Mack and Bob)


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