Unintentional 4 Wheeling

Posted on September 25, 2010

Our Jimmy has over 165K miles on it and has taken us over many a mountain.  In this clip, you’ll see, that the descent down the pass was much more aggressive than the climb up.  The camping rack in the hitch made things even trickier and had to be taken off on one occasion.  Overall, it was rather unnerving but a great adventure in retrospect.   Next time, we will rent a Jeep!

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2 Responses to Unintentional 4 Wheeling

  1. Craig says: December 11, 2010

    JJSteel sent in this comment:

    Loved your video on Engineer Pass. I believe the rule is “Uphill has the right of way.”
    Although I ‘ve heard that in other countries, including parts of Mexico, the downhill has it. I guess it depends on who has a stick shift or who has the best brakes.
    Anyone else care to comment?

  2. Craig says: December 11, 2010

    Thanks for the comment JJSteel! We did some searching ourselves and you were right!

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